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The Juggling Act

Juggler with 10 Balls, generated by Mathematica Details

Juggler with 10 Balls, generated by Mathematica Details

There should be a special award for those college students who balance a full load of classes, work a job or two, and take on an internship without losing their mind. Forgiveness of all student loans would be nice, but that doesn’t seem likely in the near future.

So why do they take on so much at a time? Is that internship really worth it to be successful after graduation…worth those few hours left of free time that could be spent actually reading the book they have to write a paper on, or getting in that power nap they’ve been looking forward to for the past two days?

Exposure decided to focus on the topic of internships this week. Deb Svoboda, a photojournalism student from San Francisco State University and Tearsa Hammock, a recent graduate from the same program, are here to tell you what their thoughts are on internships and if they think it’s a good use of your time. So if you’re on the fence about whether you should consider an internship as a photojournalism student or recent graduate, listen up.


Photojournalism Career Ranked Lower Than Dishwasher

So you’ve decided you want to be a photojournalist.  You’ve done research on the career and have come to accept the fact that you’ll never be rich. You’re prepared to spend more money on your gear than where you’ll be living and to invent your own holidays to make up for the ones you’ll be working through.

This doesn’t seem too bad though right? I mean, every career has its downfalls.

But then 2013 comes around the corner bringing with it CareerCast’s list of the 200 worst jobs in the world and your curiosity gets the best of you.

You start at number one, watching the jobs get worse based on hiring rate, stress, and work environment, as you scroll down the page. Then you see it. Sandwiched between Dishwasher and Corrections Officer sits Photojournalist at number 188.  For a brief moment you consider jumping to newspaper reporting and reassure yourself that you can write well, but then realize that a newspaper reporter ranks in at 200–the worst job in the world for 2013.

This becomes the moment when you realize whether or not photojournalism is a passion of yours. It’s this passion that will carry you through the late nights, low-income, constant stress, and life-threatening situations with a smile on your face and a certainty in your heart.

Pulitzer-Prize winner Cheryl Diaz Meyer once said, “In my heart, I truly believe that photojournalism is a calling, and that being allowed to witness and document the world’s news and sometimes tragedies, is an honor and a weighty responsibility.”

In those moments you’re reminded that being a Dishwasher is considered a step up from a Photojournalist, also remember that they’re stuck inside all day and don’t get to travel the world.

So hold onto that passion, pick up your camera, and go record history.