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The Deadly Top 5

As the year comes to an end, I’ve decided to spend some time looking through the Committee to Protect Journalists website for statistics on the amount of journalists that have been killed throughout the world covering conflicts. The staff at CPJ documents hundreds of attacks on the press each year and bases its advocacy on this research. They compile detailed records on journalists that have been killed, imprisoned, and exiled. For this post, I decided to gather information on the deadliest countries in 2013 for journalists and created a graph that can be seen here. We’ve lost a lot of journalists covering the conflicts in Libya, Egypt, and Syria these past few years. A very small percentage of those journalists that were killed¬† were mentioned in the news. I recommend spending some time clicking around this site to get a better understanding of what your news costs.


A Pop-Up Passion

Wes Rowe, an SF State graduate and freelance photojournalist in the Bay Area can make an impressive burger. The layers of creativity seen in his photographs can also be found sandwiched between freshly baked buns every Wednesday and Sunday evening. Rowe has joined the pop-up scene in San Francisco, taking his passion for making gourmet hamburgers to local cafes and restaurants that open up their kitchens to him.¬† Perhaps being a freelancer has made it much easier for him to pursue both passions on his own terms. It’s always nice to meet someone who really enjoys what they do for a living! Now, if you’re living in San Francisco, I urge you to watch this video on a Wednesday or Sunday because I can assure you that you’ll want one.

You can also watch on Vimeo here