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Improve Your Stories With 5 Shot Sequences

Don’t limit yourself to just shooting still frames as a photojournalist. It’s imperative that you learn how to use a video camera and be comfortable using it. Most jobs available for photojournalists these days require that they know how to shoot with a video camera and edit in the latest software. The 5-shot sequence will make this a much easier transition for you. It’s basically five different angles of your subject to create the entire story in only five shots. This will help you when you’re shooting stills, as well. You won’t be asked to shoot an event again if you come back with multiple shots all taken at the same distance because it’s boring and leaves out so much detail. Here’s an example of a 5-shot sequence taken in 6 seconds of a trombone player practicing her music to give you an idea of the variety of angles you can use to make it interesting.

Virginia Tieman, 22, a senior at San Francisco State University practices her trombone to prepare for a concert at the university tonight.